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January 09 2018


Sitting in the waiting room for an ultrasound that tells me if everything I’m doing is working, and having my instagram flooded with people’s pregnancy announcements, and gender reveals, and babies sucks. I want to be happy for them, but I’m kinda just angry that we are still trying. I’m sticking myself with needles and taking all these pills and timing everyfuckingthing. All because I’m broken. And now I just feel guilty. We want this, and my body just doesn’t, and this isn’t the other people’s fault. They probably have their own issues, and I’m not being fair. This is stupid and tmi but whatever.

December 19 2017

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Mama ginger kitty adopts four orphaned baby hedgehogs after their mother dies, and raises them alongside her own kitten.


spikey babies you are good. soft mom loves all her children.


please observe my scrubby childs, they are better than regular kittens bc in addition to being cute they are tough on stains

some of my children are spiky but that’s okay

@finncessmana I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet


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December 17 2017


Waiting sucks

I spent the last 5 years telling my self I didn’t want kids. Long enough that I was starting to believe that lie. I think that’s the hardest part of fertility specialists.

I let myself want kids again. We have both desperately wanted kids since basically the beginning. We now have this hope that this might work. But the thing is, it doesn’t always. I’m trying so hard to remember that and not get my hopes up. Everything has happened how it is supposed to in the past month, and we’ll find out if we’re pregnant on Christmas Day.

Until then, I have to wait for the HCG trigger shot to get out of my system. I have to remind myself, and remind him, that the shot has all the same symptoms of pregnancy, because it is the pregnancy hormone. Which is why we can’t do anything until Christmas, because it won’t be out of my system until then.

Basically, you’d think that I would be able to keep telling myself that it’s okay if it doesn’t work, and not stress. But I don’t know how. This is hard and I took a test this morning knowing it would only show the shot, because I was hoping it was out of my system. It’s not, I knew it wouldn’t be.

So im going to keep sitting her and praying for patience, and wishing that I felt comfortable going to church, and wishing that more people were understanding about this process instead of just being overly fucking excited that’s we’re trying.


August 26 2017

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So my roommate (girl) bought this vodka?? and me (guy) and my other roommate (guy) poured a glass and have just been staring at it for a good 10 minutes idk what is this glitter fuckery I don’t wanna drink it

I (guy) am curious why your genders are relevant

i (big baller) am wondering if anyone here smokes weed (narcotic)



no offense but money would solve literally every single one of my problems. like all of them. i dont have a single problem that money wouldnt immediately solve



My favorite thing is when people remember little things I told them. like seriously? you actually listened to me? thank you

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August 25 2017



Messy handwriting is like the written version of a thick accent I can’t understand.

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Bee Hotels for Solitary Bees

You may be wondering what bees need a hotel for, when they make their own hives. The truth is that many species of bees are solitary – the do not live in hives but instead construct their own nest. The main reason for this is because in these species every female is fertile and this would not make for comfortable communal living in a hive.

air bee n bee

we need one of those on the farm. the carpenter bees are… overstaying their welcome in the garage



sure, when my grandfather fought nazis and fascism he was “a hero” and “on the right side of history” but when i do it im “way too sensitive” and “no better than they are”

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Your pupils contract in response to visible light, but not all of the sun’s light is visible. During an eclipse, your pupils widen because it’s dark, but there’s an outer layer around the sun that mostly only puts out light that’s not visible to us, but that can still damage your retinas. Thus, looking at an eclipse makes your pupils open up like it’s dark, which lets more of the invisible damage beams in.

The sun doesn’t get a critical multiplier on its damage when HP is low. Equipping the moon gives the sun a bonus to backstab.

Ooooooohhh, I never knew that!

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May 08 2017





















i was about to joke about how my political stance is “end lawnmower culture” but then it occurred to me that i actually Am against lawns as suburban status symbols and wastes of land that Could be used to sustain native flora & fauna and grow food for people, but no, instead they are these huge useless swaths of land that need Constant maintenance, the process of which is not only destructive, but Incredibly Loud

You know that actually is the purpose of a lawn? They started as a trend of the French monarchy - the ones revolutionaries beheaded for being self indulgent assholes.

It exists purely as a status symbol that says, “I have land but I don’t have to use it for anything productive. I can invest time, money and resources in maintaining an entirely useless crop on land I’m not farming just because it looks pretty.”

Lawns offend me.

Why have that stunted golf course in front of your suburban house if you can’t even water it? Get one of these instead.

Unite Against the Lawn

Pro tiny house, anti grass lawn. Prioritize practicality.

This is actually really interesting because back in the 1950s and 60s in Australia when we started getting large waves of Southern European migrants one thing the Italians and others would often so is buy a little suburban home, then tear out the ornamental flower beds and lawn and useless trees and plant fruits, vegetables, grapes and even olives. It was considered completely scandalous by their Anglo-Saxon neighbours because lawn was considered an aspirational thing and the ideal was to go from not needing a kitchen garden and having an ornamental garden to show how well you were doing.

This is great. All of it.
Not to derail this too much, but “Lawnmower” culture also reminds me of aggressively heterosexual men. Men ALWAYS will use mowing the lawn as a way to get out of doing all the other household chores – having a lawn that a man mows somehow makes maintaining everything else inside a house the women’s responsibility.
Down with lawnmower culture.

i’ve actually read a whole book on lawns and lawn culture (yes, really) it’s called lawn people by paul robbins check it out and let’s all boycott lawn culture together!!!

@hoaxtumbles I want a vegetable lawn 


I have never really thought about how lawns came to be like a standard thing but wow this makes sense. I hate mowing the lawn boycott all lawns

lawns actually cause a lot of habitat fragmentation for local wildlife and plants so fuck lawns

Article about biodiversity and how lawns are Not Good and plants you can grow to help

Video about the same!

This is so great.

Also, some of my neighbors have really big lawns and I mean really, and I think I was so baffled a few years ago that I asked one of them, “so what is a lawn for exactly?” and they said “Idk so my kids can play on it” but honey how many kids actually play on their front lawn I mean I have never seen a single youngling on that grass football field in front of your house


only tumblr would have lawn discourse

and only tumblr would convince me to take a stand against lawns

Don’t forget vegetable gardens were often banned in the US in order to keep the poor (usually POC) out of white more affluent areas.

Many of those laws still stand and are being enforced to this day.

If you haven’t seen it, there was a really great talk at TED in 2013 by Ron Finley who goes into urban areas in LA and starts planting vegetable gardens. It’s amazing. Link is here.

May 02 2017

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“I’m not superstitious, I believe in plenty when there’s reason and evidence to believe. I don’t believe in anything I can’t see, but I feel like there’s a fucking axe hanging over me. I can’t see it, but I believe it.” 

(American Gods, 2017)

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tv is for boring ordinary people i a creative wear a fedora and read a sophisticated book (peter pan by j.m barrie) {x}

creative people are johnny depp

snobs are the worst.

okay but look at all the other ones, holy shit

normal people enjoy nature and the world around them. creative people apparently don’t even pay attention to the creative works they claim to enjoy (because that guy is somehow simultaneously an elf, a hobbit, AND a wizard).

ordinary people do fun activities with their siblings. creatives engage in offensive racial stereotyping.

look I think of myself as a creative person and never in my life have I hallucinated dragons cooking my food seriously what the everloving fuck

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So last night, myself and another girl were asked to leave a D&D game, before it even started, because the DM (another woman) didn’t like how we looked. Both of us were made up, hair done, cute outfits, with a lot of pink D&D accessories. She assumed we were very “feminine” so that we could flirt with all the guy players, and try to get advantages, or distract them. We were told we had to change into “normal” clothes (t-shirts or sweatshirts), and “uncake our faces”. We both left but became really good friends really quickly afterward.

I talked about this in a few select social media places after it happened, and something unexpected started when I woke up this morning. A lot of women had contacted me with stories of similar things, from both male and female DMs. It’s now 1:30PM here, and I’ve talked to 29 women, all with their own experiences that all fell under this particular umbrella.

Their experiences included:

- Being talked to like they’re a bimbo by everyone at the table.
- Having one or more guys at a table want to “help them” play, despite having even more game experience than they did.
- Being blatantly ignored by other female players.
- Having their character hit on endlessly by most of a table.
- Being hit on themselves, despite saying “no thank you” or showing obvious disinterest.
- Being touched a lot, either on the arm, shoulder, back, or in more inappropriate places by male gamers.
- Being told they’re “trying too hard to be a woman”, included trans women being told this by other women.
- Having the DM solely target their character in battles and with traps, after turning the DM down for a date or affection, and not stopping until the character is dead.
- Having it insisted upon them that they have to change their “girly” dice, bags, binders, clothing, etc to “fit in”.
- Being told they aren’t a “real nerd”, “real gamer”, “real geek”, “real fan” because they don’t fit the “look” — this is the most common one I heard.
- Being told by a table full of guys that their below-10 roll was in fact “rolling like a girl”.
- And of course, the “gold digger” argument. That a woman who glams herself up before a game is clearly only hunting for the nerdy guy who also makes a lot of money, and who is pretending to like these things to get at his bank account. 12 separate women told me this one, each of them were kicked out of their games with this being the explanation. None of them dated or flirted with anyone at the table at any point.

The common theme here was that all of these were public play games, either at gaming stores, or at conventions. You have to sit at a table with people you don’t know, and one would expect at least common human decency here, but instead this sort of thing happens. It’s not okay for people to be treated this way by anyone, for any reason, and I was mortified by the sheer amount of women coming forward to share in such a short period of time.

So I worked away at this picture, as I express myself in really dumb fashion sketches. 

It’s the club jacket for our Glam Girl Gamer Gang. 

Girls of all types, from all backgrounds, all sizes, all places in life deserve to be respected as a fellow player. THIS INCLUDES ALL GIRLS WHO LIKE “STEREOTYPICALLY FEMININE” THINGS.


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